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We've made our office an even healthier place to be!

November 30, 2020
Posted By: Lake Country Family Dental

As you settle-in and get comfy in our chairs, you can relax knowing you’re breathing CLEAN AIR! Among the extra precautions Lake Country Family Dental has taken to ensure the safety of our patients and staff during the COVID pandemic, we have now installed a state of the art air purifier in both of our HVAC units. Our Breathe Clean UV Air Purifiers deliver more than 80,000 effective microwatts per square centimeter of germ killing ultraviolet energy!

How they work: As air passes by 2 powerful 36 watt ultraviolet bulbs, ultraviolet energy literally destroys almost all of the disease-causing organisms in the air by breaking through the cell wall and destroying the DNA, making the organisms unable to reproduce. This means that germs are unable to travel from room to room through our ventilation system. If someone coughs or sneezes in one room, those germs are killed as they pass through the UV light.

We want to thank Due North Heating & Cooling, located in Oconomowoc, for furnishing and installing this excellent system, they’ve helped to make our office an Even Healthier Place To Be!

If you have any questions about any of the safety protocols we have in place or what to expect at your next appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us, 262-567-0770.

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We are open and are continuing to keep everyone safe! Here at Lake Country Family Dental, the safety of our patients and our community is extremely important to us. We are following the recommendations of the ADA, WDA and CDC surrounding COVID-19. Please visit our COVID-19 Updates page for more information about our protocols. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please call our office at 262-567-0770. Thank you.